Hi, my name is Karen Slay
I began working with Joe approximately 6 months ago during which time I did have a set back with a hip replacement. Since my
time with Joe, I have lost a few pounds, lost inches and gained a lot of energy. I can honestly tell that through his guidance, I am a
much stronger person. My blood pressure is under control and I have made some changes with my eating habits. If it were not
for Joe's persistence every week, I would be doing what I was use to doing six months ago and that was sitting on the couch
watching TV. I know that change is sometimes slow but, I can tell that a change is happening with me.

Thanks Joe

Karen Slay, 58
Owner/ Fairy Tails Learning Center
College Park, GA
For years I was overweight and had very low self-esteem. I was 255 lbs. eating whatever I wanted. I met Joe in 2010 and he saw
I was out of shape and told me the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I put the cheeseburgers down start eating healthy. I
started working out with Joe 6 times a week and within 7 months I drop from size 42 to a size 34. I had tried many fad diets
before and had lost weight, but eventually put it right back on. Joe showed me how to make permanent lifestyle changes instead
of changes that I could not maintain. I am now managing a healthy 195 lbs. I owe it all to him I feel good and look forward working
out daily. Joe has excellent knowledge of nutrition and fitness. Believe me he's Not your average Joe!

Juan Carter, 30 years old.
Radio Producer
Marietta, GA
Sometime in October of 2011, I received a flyer in my mailbox advertising in-home personal training. Unbeknown to me, this flyer would change my life, my health and my horrible, horrible eating habits. Hesitant at first to make contact with the individual whose name appeared on the flyer, my family and I decided to make the call and ultimately take the first step on a journey that would alter the way I thought about food and exercise. Approximately 1 month later, shortly after Thanksgiving of 2011, I showed up to the first of several training sessions that followed, hesitant, but ready and eager to begin my journey. Now, looking back on this experience with Not Your Average Joe Personal Training, I have yet to regret a single moment of the time spent working out, sweating hard and melting away pounds and pounds of body fat! While I am steadily climbing to new heights and reaching new goals (thanks to Joe), I have gained a wealth of knowledge and tools that I will continue to rely upon in the days, months and years ahead. Thank you Joe for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself! Now, I truly know what it means to "Believe, Sweat, Inspire!"

Terri Harris 31,
Elementary School Teacher
College Park, GA

Joe’s unique grasp on physiology, customer service, proper nutrition and mental stimulation makes him a world-class trainer.  His training is amazingly fresh, energizing and a bit surprising (you won’t get bored).  There is nothing average about this Joe- you will experience the difference within the first five minutes.  Make the investment of a lifetime today and experience the Joe difference.

Michael D. Brown, Author of the best seller Fresh Customer Service. www.TheMichaelDBrown.com
Joe was introduced to me by a friend who had nothing but good things to say about him. After having a talk with him, I was blown away by his knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I have always worked out, but never could get the “ripped” physique that I was looking for. Joe looked at my work out plan and explained to me why I was not seeing the results that I wanted. He then designed me a worked out program that was unlike any other I had done before. He also emphasized to me that my nutrition was just as important to getting the result I wanted as the workout. He designed me a meal plan that took the guess work out of when and what I should be eating. I credit Joe for finally giving me the “ripped” look I always wanted.

Tim Montgomery, 29 years old.
Department of Defense Contractor

Approximately 6 months ago, I started training under Joe's direction.  Since that time, I have noticed a significant weight loss and a change in my eating habits. Several weeks ago, I had an appointment my Cardiologist and my Personal Physician who both noticed weight loss and a lowered blood pressure.  They both asked what I was doing to accomplish these results and I replied that I hired " Not Your Average Joe". I was told to keep it up and I will continue to do just that. It works.

Barry M. Slay, 60
Atlanta, GA
Owner/Director -Fairy Tales Learning Center

My overall experience with Joe was amazing!!  I had failed at so many diets before and really wanted to lose weight and keep it off for good.  Joe stressed the importance of nutrition and explained what foods I should be eating and avoiding and why. His workouts where never boring and he always kept me motivated. I suggest Joe to anyone that wants to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Donna Scott, 29
Government Computer Analyst

I have always been thin and wanted to put on some muscle. I have tried so many different workouts and tried more different supplements then I can count. Joe and I served in the military but had lost contact for some years. I was told by a mutual friend that he was a personal trainer now. I contacted him on Facebook and we set up a 1 hour phone consultation. It was one of the best investments that I have made. He let me know that while my diet was good and healthy, I was eating like someone that was trying to lose weight and not gain it. He also let me know that certain body type that I had will permit me from gaining weight and that there where specifics times that I should be eating to combat that. He also advised me on the supplements that could help me obtain my goals. I wish that I would have contacted Joe along time ago.For the first time in 10 years I am actually gaining weight. In the past 3 month I have gone from 165lbs to 174lbs and it was all from taking Joe's advice. If you have questions about nutrition or training, I am sure Joe can answer them all for you and get you on the right track.

Harold Turner, 30
Baltimore, Maryland

Working with Joe was a great experience.I have learned so much from him and he has inspired me to obtain my personal training certification.He has not only changed my eating and work out habits, he has changed my life for the better. He is "Not your average Joe."

Tammy Davenport
Joe was able to teach me how to obtain the Abs that I have always wanted. I have tried so many different work outs and would do hundreds of crunches a day and never could get my abs to show. Joe gave me the guidance and created a work out program  and meal plan for me to follow. Within 6 weeks I was able to finally see the abs that I was trying so hard to find.

Nelinda Alitoni  26
DOD Contractor

"When I first reached out to joe I had just walked away from the sport of boxing weighing in at 125 lbs and really wanted to add on some weight but still keep my form Joe provided me with a kick ass work out regiment and meal plan that helped me reach my goal of 160 lbs and for that he gets all praise in my book"

Jean Pierre